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5. What Happens Next?

Once everything is set up and Synchronisation Processing is turned ON, InvoiceSync will connect to your Infusionsoft account once an hour, download the new invoices, and replicate them into Xero or QuickBooks Online.

So every time a new invoice gets created in Infusionsoft, a matching invoice with the same line items, discounts, sales tax, etc., will be created in Xero/QBO within an hour.

You can check what’s happened recently by going to the Activity Log page in your account.

Invoice Dates

Invoice dates will be set as follows:

  • The invoice date will match the invoice date in Infusionsoft.
  • If the invoice was paid at the time of creation (e.g. an online order paid by credit card), the due date of the invoice will be set to the invoice date.
  • If the invoice contains a payment plan, the due date of the invoice will be set to the final date of the payment plan.
  • Otherwise, the due date of the invoice will be set to X days after the invoice date, according to the configuration you have chosen in InvoiceSync.

Xero Account Codes

Invoice line items will be set to use the default account code you specified in the settings, unless you have created products in Xero that match products that exist in Infusionsoft. The SKU code is used to match products, and where a matching product is found, the invoice line items will use the account code as specified in the Xero product. Please note that SKU matching is something that will need to be switched on by our team, so if you’d like to use this feature, please send an email to support@invoicesync.net asking for this to be switched on

Other Functionality

There are also a few options that are not user-configurable but that you can request by emailing support@invoicesync.net and stating which one(s) you would like.

They are as follows:

  1. Skip invoice if already synced
  2. Skip payment if it results in overpayment (e.g. for credits, refunds, etc.)
  3. Skip invoice if total amount due is zero


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